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At times of growth and turbulence, businesses often require a restructuring strategy that meets the challenges of changed environment and helps the company to protect and enhance value. At FitzGerald Legal & Advisory, we provide expert crisis analysis and management focused on optimising liquidity, cash flow, debt servicing and restructuring.

Our Restructuring Services are short to medium term actions aimed at helping the company adapt its financial processes to avoid insolvency and manage its cash flow challenges.

Turnaround is focused on developing a long term financial management strategy which establishes best practice procedures, often with the objective of ensuring that a viable business reaches profitability.

Here is a breakdown of the specific services we offer:


  • Working with a business to tackle its challenges and put in place a robust solution to enable it return to growth.
  • Early interaction with us and communication is key to making this a success.


  • In conjunction with our legal colleagues we secure Court protection to allow the business time to engage with all its stakeholders and lock in investment sufficient to restructure the company’s balance sheet and put it in a position to enable it return to growth.

Schemes of arrangement

  • When a business is faced with financial difficulty a suitable rescue remedy may be a scheme of arrangement with a particular class or classes of creditor to resolve matters.

Solvent wind down via Members Voluntary Liquidation or voluntary strike off

  • When either an individual company or company that forms part of a larger group is no longer required but has retained value, we set out a step plan of what is required and carry out the process in order to bring it to a successful conclusion and distribute its value to shareholders.

Insolvent wind up via Creditors Voluntary Liquidation or Court Liquidation

  • When an insolvent company has no alternative option but to cease trading we can advise on the best course of action and can act as liquidator in either a creditors voluntary liquidation or Court liquidation.