Based in Cork, Munster, Ireland


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The Commercial Department at FitzGerald Legal & Advisory LLP in Cork have an excellent record in Commercial Litigation.  Our Commercial Team is headed by Philip O’Leary and Sinead McNamara who have a vast knowledge of all areas of commercial litigation and have experience in representing clients in all stages of the Court process.

We offer our clients strategic advice in a time efficient manner and vigorously defend our client’s legal rights and obtain a favourable ruling from the Courts.  Our team has extensive experience in how to efficiently run a case in the Irish Courts and are highly organised.

However, Court proceedings are not suitable in all circumstances and we have drafted numerous settlement agreements for our banking clients to enable the parties involved to end their business relationship without the necessity for legal proceedings.

Some clients wish to continue doing business together and we will recommend mediation or another alternative dispute resolution mechanism in order to reach an outcome which is acceptable for all involved.