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Our business advisory service is designed to help our clients achieve success and grow. We offer a fully integrated advisory approach which ensures that all company operations are fully synchronised and to ensure that profits are being maximised throughout the business lifecycle. At FitzGerald Legal & Advisory, our team  work to increase the efficiency, strategic orientation and operational agility of our client’s companies in order to achieve the approach necessary in the modern commercial environment.

We work with our clients across the following areas:

Strategic growth and business plans

  • Whether starting out or looking to grow even further we advise on how to construct business plans aligned to strategic growth and business development goals and objectives.
  • Work with management on securing appropriate sources of finance to enable the business grow.

Operating strategy and cost control

  • We advise on how to continually monitor costs and work with stakeholders on the cost-benefit challenge.
  • Working with management to ensure robust cost control polices and procedures are adhered to.
  • Aligning operations to costs and overheads.

Business and share valuations

  • Advising on value of a business for assisting strategic decision-making purposes.
  • Growth and funding.
  • Acquisition or disposal of shares,.
  • Shareholders exiting the business and shareholder dispute resolution.

Business and Project Reviews

  • End to end review of an entire business or project to identify what’s not working as it should.
  • Putting in place a simple plan which sets out steps to be followed to rectify weaknesses to allow the business or project to prosper and succeed.

Working Capital Management

  • Advise the business on how to maximise its cash flow on an ongoing basis, regardless of what stage of its life cycle it is at, or how much free cashflow it has available.
  • You can make losses many times over but only run out of cash once – Don’t let it happen!